Leslie Vale is a beautiful area, with mountains lining the horizon.
Tassie Holiday Homes is in a lovely Australian bush setting. Our property has lots of Gum trees and other native plants and wild flowers at various times of the year. There a number of dams on the property which often offer wonderful reflections. Our sunsets are something to behold, as you can see from some of the photos below.


As well as the plant life surrounding Tassie Holiday Homes, you will be able to enjoy seeing many different forms of wildlife.
We have a healthy population of Bennetts Wallabies, Long Nosed Potoroo, Pademelon and both Brushtail and Ringtail Possums.

There are also the three varieties of Tasmanian snakes. The Tiger snake, Copperhead and White Lipped snake. While all of these species are poisonous, they are generally shy creatures which will do their best to avoid humans.

Click on the links above for more information from the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife website.

Bird Watching

The number of birds is quite extensive too, with Red Breasted Robins, Kookaburras, Native Hens and others making their home here, while others are travelling through.

The list and photo gallery below is of many that have been seen at Tassie Holiday Homes.

Thornbills, Green Rosella, Blue Parrot, Scarlet Robin, Dusky Robin, Dusky Wood Swallow, Welcome Swallow, Eastern Spinebill, Bushtits, Bronzewing Pigeon, Wood Ducks, Mallard Ducks, Starlings, Blackbirds, Currawong, Forest Raven, Lapwings, Kookaburra, Black Cockatoo, Wedge-tail Eagle, White Goshawk, Brown Goshawk, Superb Fairy Wren, Cuckoo Shrike, Grey Fantail, Striated Pardalote, Native Hen, Nankeen Kestrel, Peregrine Falcon, White Faced Heron.